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Candle in a Can

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What do you do with the can or tin after you’ve made use of the contents? Do you throw it away? Well, you shouldn’t anymore. Craftinions has a new use for them!


You’ll need an empty but clean can, a hammer and nail. The circumference of the nail will determine the size of the holes you make on the tin.


Make a hole on the can by hitting the nail into it. Be careful though, and press the inside of the tin against a wooden pole so that it’s easier to hit nails into it. There’s no need to hit the nail all the way through, as the tin isn’t too thick.


Now make holes around the tin. They can be in any pattern you like.


You can paint the tin in any color you like, although we went with its original silver.


Now light a candle and place it inside the tin.


We hope you enjoyed making this easy but pretty candle holder and if you did, share your own candle in a tin with us.


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