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“Premaya Nam” to premiere next Friday

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“Premaya Nam”, the directorial debut of Vindana and Kalpana Ariyawansa that has made the rounds at several film festivals and with critics, will premiere at the Regal Theatre at 4.15 pm on Friday, February 17. The film, which revolves around the theme of mental illness and the many trials and tribulations those who suffer them undergo, has been lauded throughout the country.


Kalpana and Vindana Ariyawansa

Vindana and Kalpana Ariyawansha hail from a rather arts-conscious family, having been educated at Ananda College. Kalpana was domiciled in the United States from 1994 and managed to work with Warner Brothers, specialising in digital animation at a time when animated films had reached a peak. Vindana Ariyawansha is also a veteran quizzer, whose personal experiences figure considerably in their debut feature, with the script being authored by both of them.


“Premaya Nam” features Shyam Fernando (as the protagonist Vishwa, who suffers from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder or OCD), Suranga Ranawaka (as Inoka, his empathetic nurse), Samanalee Fonseka (as Samadi, his wife), and Buddhadasa Vithananarachchi (as his father). While details of the plot should not be revealed until it reaches a considerable audience, critics and audiences alike have been rather receptive and appreciative of the film’s story.


By Uditha Devapriya 

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