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Old wine in a new bottle

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By Amila Muthukutti

amila muthukuttiHuman nature is that people always expect something new. They want new clothes, new goods and finally everything to be new, as they feel fresh in using new things. That’s why; business organizations always introduce new products to the market. Even businesses have a life cycle which can be extended only by adding new products, new investments and new business partners etc. further, when it comes to politics; voters expect a change in governance. They elect new people for the parliament, expecting them to act freshly for developing the nation. However, it is with the time that voters understand they have put old wine into a new bottle.

People in the country urgently wanted old wine to be out of the bottle, as it was called to be corrupted. Now, it seems that the wine poured into the new bottle is also going to expire, because it is not as tasty as expected by the people. Color of the bottle does not matter, be it blue, green or even red. What matters is that how qualitative, tasty and trustworthy wine is.

If the wine bottle is contaminated, just because you throw a spoon of wine away does not mean you clean the entire bottle and now wine is ok. Hence, you could have taken precautionary measures to prevent wine from being contaminated. On the other hand, if you can keep wine safe for long time, it will become more valuable than today.

If we come to real words, it is needless to say that any government that fails to live up to expectations of the citizens has to relinquish the power. Consequently, the current government must be more sensitive to the needs and wants of the rural populations that can be considered the majority of voters whose votes are critical at an election.



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