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How to see an opportunity in a disaster

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By Amila Muthukutti 

amila muthukuttiWhen one fails, another succeeds in the same environment. Further, if you give two persons thousand rupees each, those two will spend it on different purposes, some of which either make them fail or make them successful at what they are doing. What is noteworthy is that success or failure is mainly influenced by how people look at something; especially it is an opportunity or a disaster. John D. Rockefeller once said “I always tried to turn every disaster into an opportunity”. Opportunities come before you in disguise. You must be ready to see it among disasters which the majority of the society always sees.

People fail or die as a poor, predominantly due to two reasons. People either don’t get opportunities or don’t use opportunities. Those that have a clear vision sharpened by knowledge, skills and necessary experience, can differentiate the opportunity from the disaster, when others embrace failure. The mind has to be groomed in order to quickly identify hidden opportunities without being victimized by negative thoughts which often cover a possible path to success.

Let’s discuss on factors that prevent you from seeing an opportunity in a disaster.



Owing to lack of experience, people are not used to tolerating terrible failures which drag them to an immature state. If you have experience, meaning that you have done it previously, you know how to clear a difficult situation and take the opportunity in your favor. Experience doesn’t come easily. You need higher level of exposure, not the number of years. Experience can be taken not only by working but also reading books, especially biographies, listening to others’ speeches and many more. Furthermore, just because you are old doesn’t mean you are experienced. It comes with your exposure.

Knowledge & skills

If you know something, you can do it. When you don’t know how to reach the destination, possibilities of failures are higher. You gain knowledge at school, university and further from informal sources. However, it is when you practice your knowledge that they become skills. Don’t hesitate to seek advices from knowledgeable people, if necessary. The world is changing at unprecedented pace, making a dire need of updating knowledge and skills. Those that wish to exist and excel, have to adapt themselves into changing circumstances by being timely.


It is needless to say that patience is one of the biggest contributors to the success. Those that are unable to tolerate hardships and take up challenges can never become successful, as they give up. You can go to gym and make your muscles grow. However, that does not necessarily increase your bearing ability in the mind. Strong body was highly sought after in the era of hunting and gathering, because strong men were in demand to find food. Nowadays, strong mind is in demand, because one has to groom his mind to face challenges which don’t require physical strength, but mental strength. If you are quick to see and take actions, you are likely to fail. So, be patient.


If you are pessimistic, you see only the disaster. If you are optimistic, you see more alternatives except for the disaster. In a nutshell, pessimism makes you deprived of prevailing opportunities, while optimism makes you able to see not only an opportunity but also more opportunities in a disaster. A mind that accepts options is of the importance.

If you can remember, how difficult it was for you to hire a three wheeler in the evening. Furthermore, it was not so safe that you were doubtful, until you reached the destination. Things have changed at present. People that saw the opportunity have started taxi service which passengers can trust upon.

Opportunities are everywhere. They exist forever. Some see those opportunities, when others don’t see. Those that identify the opportunity change the world.


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