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Walas Pawula: A magical experience

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A majority of children in the current generation find refuge in television, computer or mobile screens in their leisure times. The busy schedules of children as well as their parents and the lack of alternative leisure activities is a main reason for this. However, the extensive exposure to violence through video games and television programmes facilitate a likelihood of aggressive behaviour of children. Not only do the video games and television programmes expose children to demonstrations of how human beings can inflict violence to hurt each other, it also reduces the sensitivity to pain that humans share.

In such a context Somalatha Subasinghe Play House presents the “Walas Pawula” semi-musical to children and youth audiences this December. Walas Pawula celebrates concepts such as love, kindness and appreciation of nature paving an opportunity to positively influence children to create a more caring and empathetic society.

Based on the fairy tale “Goldilocks and the Three Bears”, the script of “Walas Pawula” was adopted and developed by the veteran children’s playwright, director and the founder of Somalatha Subasinghe Play House the late Mrs. Somalatha Subasinghe. The play is directed and choreographed by the contemporary artiste of children’s theatre Dr. Chandana Aluthge.  “Walas Pawula” keeps true to the spirit of being a children’s play of Somalatha Subasinghe Play House by breaking the mis-comprehended concept of children theatre in Sri Lanka. The actors of Play House rigorously train and harness their art of children’s theatre by performing at international platforms such as the Children’s Performing Arts Festival, South Korea. The play is a polished and complete production crafted utmost delicate detailing and attention just as a play directed for older audiences would be.

“Walas Pawula” tells the story of the curious little Ruwanmalee. Ruwanmalee spends most of her time with her dancing dolls, wooden soldiers and talking parrots as her parents are very busy adults. One day when her parents are away, Ruwanmalee being lonely and bFB banner walaspawula sinhalaored of only playing with her toys goes on an adventure to find out what is in the forest near her house despite her parents advise. The forest unravels an enchanted world to Ruwanmalee that she never knew that existed. The beauty of the birds, deer, trees, streams and flowers around her brings so much joy to Ruwanmalee. Exhausted by her adventure, Ruwanmalee ends the journey at the empty house of the three bears. When the bears return and discovers Ruwanmalee in their house, more magic unravels as the baby bear and his parents welcomes Ruwanmalee to their house with much love.

The sublime music and the tasteful choreography creates a magical experience that is very enjoyable for children even in this generation. The beautifully written script highlights the humaneness of the bear family in contrast to the ever so busy human family, provoking older audiences to evaluate their own values and priorities. The music, the costumes, the props, the choreograph, the acting and the script all comes together in a great harmony presents an aesthetic journey in a magical world for the whole family to enjoy and experience.

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